Animal care

The health of our animals is our top priority. Jim has been raising sheep since his first 4-H project at the age of 10. As you can imagine, he has raised many generations of sheep. He and his family find farming to be a rewarding occupation and hobby. In addition to raising sheep, Jim is a professional sheep shearer, traveling to farms to provide his services.

On our farm, we have about 250 sheep. We monitor their health carefully year-round in a number of ways.

  • When rotating the sheep from one pasture to another in the summertime or while feeding round hay bales during the wintertime, we spend time with our animals, keeping our eyes peeled for unusual signs.
  • By shearing our sheep once a year before lambs are born, adult and young sheep are provided attention, which improves overall flock health.
  • We use proper applications of lice treatments as necessary, internal parasite treatments when fecal egg counts are life-threatening and routine tail docking at birth to be proactive against external parasites.

We take pride in growing our own feed to the best of our ability. During summer months, we harvest forage including alfalfa and barley and, occasionally, wheat and corn. We mix feed we call “grain-ola,” for winter lambs, which includes protein pellets, soy hull, barley seed, soybean meal, corn and molasses.

Our spring lambs are raised in pastures and after weaning have a diet of second cutting hay and a barley mix:

2 thoughts on “Animal care

  1. Hi I am a professional Sheep Shearer in Southeastern Michigan. I would like to meet some of you guys up and get in the network of michigan sheep shearers. I’ve been doing it steadily every year for 5 years and professionally for one. I am a stone/brick/block mason in the off season.


    Paul Erlandson

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