Community involvement

Jim, Sherrie, Brigette and Elaine are commited to giving back to their supportive community in many ways. One thing that makes joining farm organizations easy is that members share common bonds and values.

Jim is a member of Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Sheep Breeders Association, the American Sheep Shearers Council and the American Sheep Industry Guard Dog program. He is a certified sheep shearer, a shearing instructor and buys wool for Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Association. Jim is also active in planning the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival at the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds and has coordinated several local national-level and international-level shearing contests.

Sherrie does more than care for animals – she also works full-time as a Registered Nurse. As a “right-hand man” on the farm, she works tirelessly to tend to the animals, help harvest the crops and keep accurate farm records. It’s a wonder how she ever has time to cook her amazing meals!

After their involvement in 4-H, FFA, Michigan State University and Farm Bureau as young adults, Brigette and Elaine made the most of their agricultural passions by beginning careers in the agricultural sector. Brigette works for Smithfield and Elaine works for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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